Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Drinks in Taipei; Beer and Cheese Social House

Tuesday, 8 July 2014
I've been blogging about the amazing scenic places you can visit while here in Taipei and have then been receiving questions from people asking "WA shiok leh, you everyday also traveling ah!!"
To answer that: *pops the bubble* Of course not. HAHA siao ah, how I travel everyday?!?! Any sponsors though?
So anyway, I decided that perhaps its time to blog about some lifestyle/nightlife in Taiwan before more people think I'm traveling everyday LOL. "Nightlife" meaning, life after work (e.g. dinners, drinks) and not partying okay. Don't get me wrong HAHAHAHA.

So if you enjoy having a chillax night out after dinner, why not try this place? Last week I visited the "Beer and Cheese Social House", a new addition to the Taipei beer scene. I went with a French friend of mine who was naturally very excited when the word "Cheese" appeared (it's a french thing HAHA) together with beer. It's a rather small, cozy bar with the second floor being just a big rectangular table with chairs for those who prefer a quieter surrounding.

We went on a Tuesday night as we heard it was the "Big Drinker" day. That means every Tuesday, for a price of 300NT (SGD$12), you get 1 LITRE of beer. I did a little Google search and found out that 1L=2.11pints. So basically, its $6 for a pint which meant sending a signal to my inner Singaporean mentality which screamed  "WA SO WORTH LEH, BUY!" HAHA, just kidding. I wasn't up for the stronger alcohol content beer that night as I hadn't had dinner so I ordered this!
TADA!! Lemon Tea Beer. Lololol don't laugh okay. I can't appreciate strong beer (Yes shame on me oh wells) so you will realize that I will often order Ales or something lighter. I initially wanted something sweet but from what I heard from the friendly staff there was that sweeter beer often meant higher alcohol content! Never knew that :O
And of course, bars/pubs are everywhere in Taipei and you can probably google your district and at least 10 will pop up within your vicinity but that also means I wouldn't blog about this. HAHA. As the name suggests, this place offers a selection of Cheese you can order to go with your beer! I personally found this pretty interesting as you will normally think of wine and cheese which sounds very atas. But beer and cheese? I thought it was worth a shot.
They had a pretty small cheese selection (about 7-8 of them) which came across as disappointing for my French friend but AMAZING for me. I was really excited to try out some of the cheese they had and we ordered 3 different kinds. The price ranges from 30NT to 80NT (SGD$1.20-3.20) which I thought was quite affordable! We ordered the 30NT and 50NT cheese and no, more expensive doesn't mean taste nicer. HAHA if you're there, you can choose the 30NT and 50NT ones as the smell isn't as strong (which is good for me).
Lololol! Me and my lemon tea beer HAHA
Besides the cheese, this place offers a wide selection of beer. For those who are adventurous or wanna try something new, they offer beer with coffee flavour, orange flavour, chocolate flavour etc. Just ask the staff the kind of beer you like and they will reccomend you! The beer prices ranges from around 200NT to 400NT (SGD$8-16) if my memory doesn't fail me. They serve pretty good bar food too if you're looking for snacks beside cheese.
Well, the board says it all.
P.S. They do serve non-alcoholic drinks too so don't worry if you have non drinkers amongst you^^

To get here:
The nearest MRT station: Daan Park (Red Line), walk about 10 mins to reach.
Address: 台北市大安區建國南路2段169/ No. 169, Section 2, Jiànguó South Rd, Daan District Taipei City 
Opening hours: Tue - Thu: 18:00 - 01:00
Fri - Sat: 18:00 - 03:00
Sun: 18:00 - 23:00

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