Monday, 22 September 2014

Believe it or not, but an Owl Paradise do exist!

Monday, 22 September 2014
Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I last blogged about my life and I've got so much to share hehehe :3 In this one month of disappearing I've been traveling to Japan, Tokyo and around Taiwan!

Thanks for all the messages asking me to start blogging soon so I'll start off (hopefully I have enough time to continue) with the most memorable/exotic/special/cool experience I had in Tokyo, petting/carrying owls! (YES REAL LIFE OWLS!) Omg I know right, I totally felt like Harry Potter that very second *squeals* For those that find owls creepy, I understand how you feel cos when I first laid eyes on them, I was super afraid and I hid behind my bestie Emily oopsy!
Just look at their creepy eyes staring at you!! And this was at the entrance greeting us as we went in :O
But that was only for the first 10 seconds and for the next remaining 59 mins 50 seconds (we're given one hour of "play time") I went googoogaga over them, in other words I went CRAZY over how cute they were!
In an attempt to make the "hoot hoot" sound, I actually scared the poor little guy :( LOL sigh so much for wanting to be an #owlwhisperer
Show casing our favourite owls from the little shop house! These two owls aren't on good terms and they will fight if we put them too close to each other and hence the "gap" if anyone actually noticed!

Some of the more precious moments we had with the wide range of owls as seen below! I think there were about 20 of them ranging from mini owls the size of your palm, to huge ass ones the length of my arm :O
I thought I fared pretty well in the scale of bravery when I let the owl stand on my head (susceptible to peepee and poop poop ok)
Medium size owl suitable for the ladies to hold!
Mini owl suitable for kids to hold! I know it seems scary even for adults but check out this kid (and look at how small the owl actually is!)
Of course, there are huge owls for the guys to try as well although they are usually a little harder to control and their gust of wind will blow you away (no kidding)
& of course, Emily the brave tried to tame it while the humji me took a photo for her :( (Look how huge the owl is la, I was damn scared sigh)

I took a lot more photos but I think the pictures doesn't do justice to the amount of fun we had experiencing the owls first hand! If you are traveling with children or simply people who like hands on experiences, I will highly recommend this place cos I absolutely loved it!

If interested, head over to Fukuro No Mise ( located at Tsukushima Station when you're in Tokyo! Sadly the website is in Japanese and hence it will be difficult for you to navigate unless of course you understand Japanese!
To make things easier for you, I've put the directions on how to get here as well as the timings:
Address: Seven Star Mansion 1F, 2-6-7 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
How to get here: Take the train to Tsukishima station. Walk out of Gate 10, and the cafe is across the road, a few blocks ahead.
Opening hours: Sun 12-6pm, Weds and Thurs 2-6pm, Fri 2-9pm, Sat 12-9pm. Closed Mon and Tues. English speaking staff every Friday.
Entrance fee: 2000 yen (~$20), which includes a drink.
I suggest going on Friday as there is an English translator that will explain the rules for petting/handling the owls. I suggest you pay attention to it or you won't be able to hold the owls properly for pretty pictures!
NOTE: I went on a Friday and while they open at 2pm, please be there by 1145am! Start queuing outside the shop even if there is no one around! Many don't know this but you can start taking your queue number from 12pm onwards for the 2pm slot! If you go any later you might have to take the 3pm onwards slot or worse, you have to come back another day! :O
After taking your queue number for the 2pm slot, you can head to Nakanishidori, just a few blocks down for some monja-yaki (its pretty yummy and famous!) or head to Sumida River a little further down if you still got some time left!
Acting like a tai tai walking down Sumida River LOL

Although it is called an owl "cafe" by many, they don't actually serve food or have an extensive list of drinks to choose from. Hence I'll say that the 2000yen is actually an entrance fee for one hour to the owl "museum" instead! Nonetheless, best 2000 yen spent in Tokyo!
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If there's something I missed out, just comment in the box below! Share with me your Tokyo adventures too^^