Monday, 9 June 2014

One Piece lands in Ximending!

Monday, 9 June 2014
If you have heard of Ximending, you'll probably know that this is where all the most fashionable people in Taipei gather. Well you got to admit, the people you see on the streets are pretty fashionable, street wear for guys, translucent tops and killer heels for girls but maybe just not my style (or maybe I'm just not fashionable enough HAHA)

In any case, Ximending needs no introduction and if you are here in Taipei for a visit, I'm sure you would have already planned Ximending on your "to-do-list". The only "must-try" food would probably be the "Ah Zhong" mee sua. Then again, Ah Zhong mee sua (Shilin, Zhongxiaofuxin) is almost everywhere!

Having said all that, this is a ONE PIECE edition blog post for all the fans out there!

I didn't notice this shop till a group of boys accidentally hit me trying to rush into the One Piece Shop HAHA. It's two stories high and if you can see, it's pretty crowded.

I see what you're trying to do there *sneaky grins* hehehe. Placing a life size attractive Nami to attract all the *coughs* guys. Well, I'm not sexist. I was attracted by her too ;) HAHA

Store front when you enter the shop. There's an xbox for people to play One Piece games as well!

I quickly proceeded up the stairs as there were too many people on the first floor then I spotted a hanging Luffy! I must say, they really decorated this shop pretty well. I feel like a total One Piece fanatic (even if I'm not) the moment I enter HAHA

Some flags on the wall!

Second floor! They really sell EVERYTHING with One Piece characters on it. I'm not kidding! I don't mean the usual posters and figurines cos' thats a given. I meant from bathtowels, to utensils, to plates and cups to....

SLIPPERS AND SHOES. YES they even sell footwear. HAHA omg I can imagine IF I was a One Piece fan... I might grab everything considering it isn't that expensive. A quick glance at a tshirt price and it cost about 450NT (SGD18) which I think it's pretty decent for something you got from an official authorized store!

But it wouldnt be complete without life size One Piece Characters!
This calls for #selfie time with cute little Chopper (who doesn't like compliments but too bad I still think it's really cute) HAHA
Not forgetting Straw hat Luffy! Pardon the really awkward face cos Luffy is too tall and I had to tip toe just to take a selfie with him LOL
Of course, shuai ge (handsome) Sanji selling erm, plates and cups with his own face on it HAHA

 And as I was leaving, I noticed the shop had Luffy's straw hats hanging above! :O The decos are really pretty damn good.

They allow you to take pictures and will help you take a picture too if you ask them! HAHA well I didn't ask cos I was abit embarrassed but I saw many people doing that hehehe

Since I'm not really a One Piece fan and for those who are accompanying friends into this shop, you can check out the Papaya milk shake shop just a few steps away HAHA. I love it. I think it tastes really good and it's open by an old couple!

Yup, the shop name is like IN YOUR FACE. So there's no way you will miss it HAHA. You can sit inside and wait too if you like or grab a snack in the shop next door! Yummy fried chicken hehehe

How to get there:
It's in the further deeper part of Ximending. You've got the walk across the normal "more happening" part of Ximending (the part where you get off from the station exit 6) and cross the big street with traffic lights!
If you would scroll up to my first picture, it shows the street where the One Piece shop is at. There are 3 cinemas side by side on that street and thats where all the nicely dressed people are at too! The One piece shop is just opposite the row of cinemas.

Bringing you the ultimate Taiwan experience.

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  1. omg why dint i see the one piece shop.. i wanna kill myself