Thursday, 12 June 2014

Starbucks East Asia Hideout- Do you know where that is?

Thursday, 12 June 2014
The recent craze over the "Secret Starbucks Menu" resulted in an overnight popularity with hundreds of Singaporeans reposting links and write ups about baristas being able to make drinks that are not on the regular menu (If you haven't heard of it, this will amaze you).

In line with Starbucks constant little surprises, I wonder how many of you know about their East Asia secret hideout?
Ans: It is hidden strategically on the 35th floor of Taipei 101.
& the only way up is to know your directions in.

1. Take to Taipei 101/Xinyi Station, exit 4
Your arrival at Taipei 101 basement is your first step towards a completely free stunning experience

2a. Take the lift to Level 1 (When in doubt, ask the 台妹 at the Information Counter)
2b. Take the escalator thats in front of Tokyo Curry up to Level 1 (Tokyo Curry is located in the basement food court)
*Option 2b will lead you to pass a Starbucks (you're not looking for) and into the office building area

3. Proceed to the "Visitor Access" kiosk to obtain your Vistor's Pass
Somewhere in the late 2014, they realised their number of visitors multiplied in hundreds and decided to put a cap for each day (weekends especially). Now, you have to make an appointment at the counter next to these machines the day before or try your luck at the kiosk if you're there on non peak timings on a weekday

4. Obtained my Visitor Permit after being undaunted by the multiple failed dials using the kiosk
Proceed to the gate with a security guard and you're almost there to the finest budget experience in Taiwan
Once you're up at the 35F, look out for the Starbucks sign outside!

The notice outside states no longer then 90 mins of meal time and everyone is required to buy at least a drink
The Starbucks with an amazing view deserves a selfie!
Ok maybe two?

5. Here you go. Probably the most scenic view you can get while sipping on your coffee

So why waste SGD$20 on the Observatory when you can buy 3 Venti sized drinks?
Psssst! Besides, SGD$20 brings you only to the 89 floor and not to the 101 floor.

Bringing you the Ultimate (Budget) Taiwan Experience

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